Stacks gives you transparency and control with your team.

Group task management finally makes sense.

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Visualize the Workload

With Stacks it takes one glance to instantly decipher everyone's workload. No information hidden 10 clicks deep and no complicated Gantt charts.

Assign Tasks & Get Responses

Email sucks at accountability. Stacks fixes that problem. Stacks ensures the ball isn’t dropped and that someone always has ownership of a task.

Subtle Background Alerts

Stacks provides you with subtle alerts when items are added or completed by others. This helps if you hate distractions as much as we do.

What’s Your Co-worker Doing?

We believe in team transparency. Know what each team member is focused on with a click. See who's overwhelmed and who has time for a coffee run.

It Sorts, It Filters, It Prioritizes

Your task management solution should handle the hard thinking, not you. Stacks gives you the power to see only the information you're interested in.

All About Simplicity

It takes seconds to add and update tasks. For more complex requirements we’ve tucked away features that don't get in your way unless needed.

The main selling point of this app to me is how easy it makes having the workload of the group instantly visualized, and the taking of immediate decisions by the one in charge.

Unless you live and work alone, chances are you depend on the actions of others to finish projects (and they probably depend on you, too). Stacks gets your whole team on the same page with brilliantly designed task- management tools for groups.

by Robert Strohmeyer

Stacks thrives on team transparency. They know that for a project to flow smoothly it helps for all members of that project to see the entire landscape of the project.